Creative Mentoring

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing Through Photography and Art

Helping my shutterbugs to fly!

Indulge your passion for creativity and explore photography and art with a professional by your side. Photography Adventures and art sessions improve mental health and confidence, encourage independence and nurture creativity… You’re also rewarded with awesome photos and artworks too!

“I just want to say that Corinna has been a fantastic mentor to my son since she started working with him. He looks forward to their photography adventures and outings to different locations. His photography has really taken off to the point where he had his first solo photography exhibit at Hyphen Wodonga and finished in the top 20 in the 2022 junior photographer of the year. ” 

– Kylie

About Creative Mentoring Sessions

Sure you can pick up a camera or smartphone to take awesome photos but did you know that photography AND art can be used to improve communication, confidence, and mental health, encourage independence, and nurture creativity? 

My Creative Mentoring Shutterbugs not only take part in their sessions but they also play a big part in planning them too! We discuss what interests they have, and from there, decide where to go and what to do. 

Being out in the fresh air, walking around, taking pictures talking and being creative is a great distraction to improve mental health and get some exercise without out even realising it. I am with my shutterbugs the whole time encouraging creative ideas and scenarios. Having someone there to validate our ideas or just be a support when we aren’t in our comfort zone can help nurture creativity and improve independence and confidence. 

Where Do We Go To Get Creative?

Locations are dependent on what you are interested in. We can start in my studio or somewhere close to home and familiar till we get to know each other and then venture out further. Or we can start further. If it is raining we can take advantage of the weather with rainy day photos/art or do something creative inside either at your home or in my studio. 

Previous locations have included:

“Go and see Heaven & Earth Photography, they are excellent. My son enjoys his weekly sessions and is learning all the time, increasing his skill set and confidence and having fun.”

– Elizabeth

About Corinna

My name is Corinna Anne and I am a creative mentor, photographer and artist located in Wodonga, Victoria. Photography and art has been my special interest for more than 10 years and I love working with people who also have an interest in photography and art.

“My daughter loves working with Corinna, her confidence has improved, and she loves going to different places and being creative with her camera. Corinna is encouraging, supportive and patient, is quick with ideas and gently prompts when necessary.” 


Do you tell me what to photograph/create?

How can photography and art help communication and well-being?

I have limited mobility, can I still be a shutterbug?

Can I charge your services to my NDIS Plan?

Do you charge per session?

Do I have to be an NDIS participant?

I love the lego photography that I have seen, but I don’t have much. Do I have to buy more?

What happens if you don’t have availability throughout the week when I do?

What if I don’t own a fancy camera or have much art equipment?

Do I need experience in photography or with a camera?

What if I’m not creative?

Do you work with nonverbal people?

Are your sessions suitable for everyone?

Are you a registered NDIS provider?

What is a Shutterbug?

What If I can’t make it to my session? 

What if I cannot complete a full session? 

When are the sessions held?

Do you have working with Children checks?