My name is Corinna Anne & I am an artist, photographer & creative mentor located in Wodonga, Victoria.  

I strongly believe in the power of art and creativity to positively impact mental health and wellbeing. Through my work I aim to inspire and uplift others, encouraging them to explore their own creativity as a form of self expression and self care.

My art goes beyond aesthetics; incorporating repurposed materials into my work is essential. This not only allows me to craft distinctive pieces but also helps advocate for sustainability.

As a photographer, I capture moments that evoke emotions and tell stories. Whether its the beauty of nature, the vibrancy of life or the rawness of human experiences, I create images that resonate with people on a different level.

As a creative mentor I am dedicated to helping others unlock their creative potential and improve mental health and wellbeing. Through personalized guidance and support I aim to empower individuals to embrace their creative journey and discover the joy and healing that art and photography can bring.

Artist Statement   

Mentor, Photographer, Artist.   

To me, Photography & Art are not just careers, they are puzzles for me to solve; they are a creative outlet and a way to improve my own mental health and wellbeing. You can always find me designing, painting or taking photos & there is always something new to learn. I often use repurposed materials to create my unique artworks and promote sustainability. My work is an interpretation of how I perceive things. Light, colours, shapes, shadows, reflections, or the seemingly ordinary things that might usually get overlooked as being uninteresting, irrelevant or just messy, these are all my inspirations.