End of Life Photography

Capturing the spirit of life and respecting the intimate nature of death through photography

“The biggest mistake is that you think you have time” buddha

Saying Goodbye to those closest to us is a very sensitive time that people often struggle to prepare for but knowing that you have photos of your loved ones to look back on can be comforting in such emotional times.

End-of-life photography is focused on preserving your family’s precious moments with your loved ones that can get lost in grief. I am honoured to be able to record the story of your loved one through photos that will be cherished for years to come.

My name is Corinna Adams and I am a photographer in Albury/Wodonga.

Heaven & Earth Photography was born out of grief. My father passed away suddenly after a short illness and it wasn’t until later that I realised I didn’t have many photos of him. The last photo I have of us is rushed and out of focus, taken just before he checked into the hospital. He passed just 3 days later. 

I committed to offering end-of-life photography sessions so that other families could have the kinds of photos that I never thought to take.

Everyone’s journey is unique and for this reason, sessions are personalised to meet your needs and are held in a place of your choosing, depending on circumstances, ability and comfort. End-of-life sessions are delivered with compassion and understanding and are guided by you and your family.

Are your sessions just for people?

What if one of my family members doesn’t want you to take photos?

Will your flash be going off constantly during our session?

What do you mean by sessions are “guided by your family”?

What kinds of photos do you take?

Why are your photos black and white?

When should I book our session?

Where can we hold our session?

Do you need to know medical details about what is going on?